SpaceSave Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cupboard - Large

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The SpaceSave Wall Mounted Folding Ironing Board Cabinet hides a pesty but essential part of every home while remaining close at hand when it is needed.

The cabinet not only contains a fold-out ironing board but also has a separate shelf and heat protector mat to store your iron.

Easy and quick to use and to put away, this ironing board is ideal for small space living. The sleek, minimalistic wall-mounted design blends into any room and takes care of your ironing board and iron while leaving the floor clear. The flat door surface can be used to stick a mirror, pictures, or any other fun material on it.

And YOU get to choose, which side you would like the door to open!


  1. Fold-out ironing board big enough for ironing all main items but small enough to fit into any room
  2. Design allows for the door to be opened either on the left or the right
  3. A clothes hanger on the inside door so that you can hang up your shirts after ironing
  4. Support screws allow for upward adjustment of ironing board if required
  5. A hidden groove on the side to easily open the door ensures nothing distracts from the design.
  6. Can be installed at any desired height

Product Details

  • The cupboard is 120x40x20cm
  • The ironing board is 90cm long and 30 cm wide
  • Weighs 20.6kg and mounted onto the wall with 4 screws
  • The ironing board material consists of heat resistant grey 100% cotton (colour may change from time to time but is kept neutral in tone)
  • Product is unassembled for safe transport, but clear instructions make it a fun and easy exercise to assemble it.


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Take the pain out of ironing with this easily accessible, sleek, space-saving wall-mounted ironing board cupboard that blends into any room.


SpaceSave specializes in space-saving furniture that enables consumers who live or work in smaller places to optimize their space by offering creative, flexible, space-saving furniture solutions that are fun, customizable and affordable. This way, space-intensive furniture is only available when needed and does not take up valuable space when it is not needed.

We aim to live in harmony with the environment and to reduce waste in all we do. Our products are eco-friendly and proudly made in South Africa

Our motto is to Live Better With Less.

The company is South African owned and based in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs.

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