Lailah is a large natural coffee aged raffia angelic winged design, with matte white sculptured sepia bone halo.


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Lailah is a large natural coffee aged raffia angelic winged design, with matte white sculptured sepia bone halo.





Artaza Studio

Authentic Natural Interior Decor & Design

With a passion grounded by a deep reverence for nature and its uncomplicated beauty, our designs readily translate this philosophy into your homes. Capturing natures warmth, purity and elegance woven into richly textured designs with rustic earth and calming ocean elements.

Artaza Studio is on the West Coast, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town in South Africa.
Artaza authentic natural designs are created using organic materials, which are sustainably sourced.

More thoughtful home choices come from being aware of sustainability.

Be very mindful and introspective when selecting items for your home, because what you choose defines how you want to live your life. Whether it be a striking art piece or a vase handmade by your child, intentionally living among mindfully selected treasures that spark joy for you, will inspire you to celebrate authenticity and find beauty in simplicity.

Make choices around asymmetry, simplicity, and intimacy. Reject the idea of perfection, and instead, focus on what is natural and real. You can emulate this idea by opting for natural touches, like plants and authentic natural designs and homeware.

Your home should also be a place you actually want to curl up in and get cozy without feeling like you’re messing up your space. Find comfort in the little things without worrying about everything being exactly perfect. Just as washed linen is a great addition to the home, whether as bedding or for kitchenware, linen creates a soft, lived-in style, with its relaxed and naturally wrinkled look and proves that beauty lies in imperfections. Small imperfections breed a sense of calm and appreciation for life.

Choose quality pieces that withstand time and add depth and personality to your space the longer you have them. Pieces which have elements that naturally age and patina, like a beautifully hand-carved piece of solid wood for your cutting board or serving bowl and an Artaza abstract fishing boat design or an ageless textural raffia design.

Your home is the best place to engage and stimulate your senses.

Structured natural simplicity has become increasingly popular world-wide as we tend to want to escape stress by embracing nature. We want safe inviting spaces where we can rest and regenerate. Trading bright and bold for soft and neutral. Comfortable furnishings, weathered woods and faded tones create calm, comfortable, chilled-out spaces to relax in. Earthy toned pigments are acquired for bold accents in addition to our natural eye-catching décor pieces.

"The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration"- Claude Monet

Our processes:
Natural raffia hanks are aged by going through a coffee wash, or a rooibos wash, depending on the result you wish to achieve. Depth and warmth are achieved during this aging process.
Our clay beads are hand rolled at the studio and form a beautiful addition to some of the designs with their perfectly rugged imperfections.
Jute, hemp, raffia and raw cotton are splendidly intertwined using knotting and weaving techniques.
We support the local community, who gather and supply us with our of sepia bone from our local beaches, which the ocean supplies in abundance. All foraged materials are treated, sanitized and delicately sculptured at the studio.
Each piece I make is special to me. They are handmade with love and care. Some may require a little more time than others.
“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu

All Artaza Studio authentic natural designs are made to order.
Finishing services are available on request for custom designs and may require consultation at my studio at West Beach Cottages, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town.

Local and national deliveries arranged and average delivery costs are for for 1 to 3 designs and depends on weight and size.


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