Xibelani Basket



These Xibelani baskets were inspired by the Tinguvu skirts worn by indigenous Tsonga women during the Xibelani dance.

Felted by hand using a coarser Merino wool and embellished with Mohair curls to give the “tinguvu” effect.


Chic Fusion

Chic Fusion brings a cheerful combination of wool felt and natural fibres into your home space.  Inspired by the beauty of our diverse cultures and South African landscapes, they incorporate natural and muted tones as well as vibrant colours into clean, contemporary designs.  A collection that includes gorgeous floor vases, bowls, vessels and gourds.  Chic Fusion also supplies sumptuous throws, cushions, scarves and shawls.  The colourful range of tea cosies and hot water bottle covers adds delight to any home. 

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