vertical Veg 10 Pocket Panel



Our products are modular in design, locally made, and consist of sturdy geotextile fabric, strengthened with webbing and backed with plastic to eliminate the need to waterproof the vertical surface. Eyelets are strategically placed for ease of mounting the panels.
The 10 Pocket Panel measures 1300mm high x 680mm wide.
Fill the large pockets with salad veg, flowers or herbs and enjoy growing your own food!
Filled with trailing plants you can create a ‘green wall’ effect .
Can be added to a planter box to create a mobile garden on your balcony or in your courtyard.                             The panels can be fitted with drip irrigation or be included in an existing system.    Easy to install and easy to maintain – the fabric is washable too.

Vertical Veg

Grow your own food or beautify your home...either way with Vertical Veg wall panels.

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