This towel is the ideal size and can be used as a kitchen towel, chef’s cloth, tea towel, or as a hand towel in your guest bathroom.


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These luxurious towels measure 68cm x 48cm and the designs are based on original photographs which have been crafted into their finished form and printed with eco-friendly ink.  The Towels are made of either 100% Linen, or 100% Ramie.

Ramie is made from the inner bark of the Ramie plant, is 100% natural and is also known as Grass Linen, whilst Linen is made from the Flax plant.  The fibres of both plants have been used for thousands of years to produce natural fabrics.

Ribbon tie on the back right hand corner allows for easy hanging.

All Sarlat Towels were photographed in France.  This image was taken in Paris on an Autumn afternoon and later used to create the botanical design.

The towels are ideal for use in the kitchen, as a tea towel, or as a hand towel in a guest bathroom.  Excellent for drying dishes as well.  The Ramie softens after washing and the Linen has been butter washed for a soft feel.

These make great gifts, if you can part with them!


14 day manufacturing period if item is out of stock.


Muddy Jane


Our design ranges are our original creations inspired by our escapades, photographs and travels finished off with a good measure of Africa, our home.  Our focus is on décor, interiors, textiles, homeware, accessories and any other beautiful things that we would like you to see. 

Our products are made in Cape Town, South Africa to the highest quality standards.


Muddy Jane is a creative journey. After being in corporate for a lifetime, the seed for Muddy Jane was sown years ago, and then filed in a dusty cupboard somewhere.

Whilst on an inspirational culinary adventure in France, the seed started to grow and one idea quickly became another and here we are today. 

Our designs are our original work and are based on photographs that we have taken. From the inner circles of the Makhoti range to our Botanicals, all design bases are photographic at the outset and then crafted into the finished design. Our fabrics are locally printed with eco-friendly ink and our products are manufactured by hand in our small studio in Cape Town.

Our inspiration comes from everyday life, the natural beauty that we have on our doorstep in South Africa, and new ideas as seen through the camera lens on our travels.

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