SpaceSave Fold Up Wall Mounted Study Desk Table With Mirror 80x60cm - Ice White

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The ideal desk for kids bedrooms. This floating, fold-up, fold-down desk table will fit into just about any room and provides a dedicated space for kids to do their homework, play on the computer, paint or play.

When they don’t need it, get it out of the way by simply folding it up against the wall and turning it into a mirror.A special anti-bacterial additive is blended into the melamine resin, destroying bacteria, that may be on the surface of this desk within hours. This additional built-in protective layer makes it the perfect solution for hygiene-sensitive needs. Note: excludes ‘White’ variant.


1.) Dual function desk and mirror combination
2.) Creates space – flip it up against the wall when you don’t need a desk
3.) Sturdy and easy to use

Product Details

1.) 80cm long*60cm wide. The table is 75cm high. When folded up into a mirror, it is 75cm from the floor with the top reaching 155cm from the floor
2.) Attached to the wall with two hinges
3.) Easy to use top latch opens to unfold and re-lock the desk
4.) Tested for weights of up to 70kg
5.) Made in South Africa using eco-friendly, durable Melawood from local renewable sources

FREE delivery in South Africa.



From mirror to kid’s desk in seconds with this space-saving, wall-mounted, foldable study desk! After use, fold it up against the wall and it becomes a mirror.



SpaceSave specializes in space-saving furniture that enables consumers who live or work in smaller places to optimize their space by offering creative, flexible, space-saving furniture solutions that are fun, customizable and affordable. This way, space-intensive furniture is only available when needed and does not take up valuable space when it is not needed.

We aim to live in harmony with the environment and to reduce waste in all we do. Our products are eco-friendly and proudly made in South Africa

Our motto is to Live Better With Less.

The company is South African owned and based in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs.

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