EasyActiv Charcoal | Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Worktop

Charcoal organic dyed wood fibre. Height adjustable work top. Suitable for sitting & standing. Features laptop ventilation and cable management at the back. To be used with or without an external keyboard and mouse. Laptop shelf has a maximum weight loading of 15kg. Product weighs 6kg. Flatpacks for easy storage.



The perfect posture workstyle company.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The EasyActiv allows you to sit, stand, and move while you work. Alleviating common problems such as fatigue and pain that are often caused by inadequate workstation set ups. Height adjustable products are everywhere, but adding a worskpace that easily enhances your productivity and wellbeing should not have to be a big investment.

We want you to move while you work. Sit, stand, walk, whatever.

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