Resin Rollerball and Fountain Pen Set

Resin & Brass ystudio Fountain Pen & Ballpoint Pen Set




Resin & Brass ystudio Fountain Pen & Ballpoint Pen Set

– Black, White or Red with Brass

– Medium nib size on fountain pen

– Smooth matte surface

– Brass inner-tube embedded in the pen body brings perfect weight balance

– Material: Acrylic, Brass

One black ink cartridge included inside each pen

– Also available in a white set

Ystudio products are dedicated to sharing the beauty of words & writing. Made in Taiwan and sold globally, now with us in South Africa, this world-renowned brand creates not just an object, but an object that embodies a deeper meaning. Craftsmanship that is both beautiful and made with sustainability and longevity in mind. ystudio believes that the value of simplicity in design is very important; as do we!

*Beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a snug recycled cardboard box

Cheeky Mantwa

"Cheeky Mantwa is a joyful stationery brand that gives an inspirational card to a women or child in need for every product sold.
With a commitment to sustainable design, inclusion and quality production, Cheeky Mantwa uses carbon neutral shipping to send luxury stationery across the globe whilst empowering women and children."


Cheeky Mantwa is a greeting card and stationery design house first launched in 2001 by the founder, Katie Mantwa George when she was a teenager and sold in her mother’s gift shop in London. At the time, the card collection was called Sticky People, based on a stick drawing of Katie’s beautiful sister, with her long curls blowing in the wind. After 20 years in hibernation, Katie re-launched the brand in 2020 after moving to Cape Town, next door to her country of birth; Eswatini. Cheeky Mantwa has re-emerged as an inclusive, sustainable, joyful, luxury design house with minimalist design allowing you to say the words you want to say. Sticky People is the first Cheeky Mantwa collection paying respects to little teenage Katie’s dream.
Due to Katie's passion for empowering others, Cheeky Mantwa gives an inspirational card to someone in need for every product sold.



When Cheeky Mantwa was founded, Katie wanted to ensure only the most sustainable materials and production partners were used in the UK and South Africa and that designs were inclusive and joyful, always. All paper used is luxurious matte FSC Certified* or 100% recycled paper with traditional letterpress print. 100% recyclable postage and packaging, including biodegradable stickers. Cheeky Mantwa postage is carbon neutral thanks to the power of the plastic free compostable Mielie and Noissue Mailers that all products are shipped out in. By planting trees across Africa, Mielie Mailer is able to make it easy for us to join their noble mission to mitigate climate change. By partnering with Noissue we continue the global compostable mailer mission that leaves no trace apart from soil enhancer.
Letterpress printing is the printing method with the lowest carbon footprint in comparison to other printing methods and due to the way it embosses the paper, it also beautiful and perfectly luxurious!
*FSC Certified means a product derived from wood/trees has been made to meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council. A globally recognised certification. This is a fab thing to be!

Giving Help & Offering Hope

Cheeky Mantwa was founded for a purpose; to spread joy, to operate sustainably and to show kindness to others.
We give an inspirational Cheeky Mantwa card to a women or child in need of a positive boost for every product sold. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the feeling of empowerment, possibility and hope! We believe that receiving a card packed with inspirational words can change a life. Words of joy and kindness that can inspire someone to believe in themselves and to know that someone out there cares may just be the thing that sets off a beautiful joyful journey of discovery for both the giver and the receiver. We are open to hear your charity recommendations.

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