Fretwork earrings



Sterling silver earrings, hand-crafted in SA. /ˈfrɛtwəːk/ noun ornamental design in wood, typically openwork, done with a fretsaw. This an ancient sawing technique, it depicts perfection found in hand-crafted pieces. A mechanical approach to design involves negative and positive shapes, silhouettes are the focal point.

Victoria Orpen Jewellers

Victoria Orpen is founded by South African jeweller and designer Roxanne Campbell.
We are an international jewellery design and manufacture brand.  
We create jewellery with an artistic flair. 
The brand is inspired by my parents' names.
Our brand is primed on "defying the norm".
Our jewellery seeks to inspire, evoke and fulfil a desire for quality craftsmanship.
Since our existence, we have participated in a number of design markets, local fashion shows, Decorex Jhb, SARCDA, international trade shows such as Bijorcha, JIS Miami, JA New York , NY NOW, Made in Africa and Online marketplace by Sanlam Contemporary hand fair.
Our product range consists of carnation inspired flower earrings and rings, cufflinks, stack rings, gents rings with resin or acrylic all manufactured in South Africa in sterling silver. 
Our medallion earrings and pendant fretwork range in base metals such as aluminium, brass or copper with either a polished or patina finish.

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